We are the LOW Cost source to get your Records Sealed. We are not attorneys. Call us.

You want help SEALING YOUR RECORD, we will prepare the documents for you to file yourself and save you money: This VERY inexpensive process allows you to clear your criminal record. WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS.

We have brought together the various services necessary for you to clear your criminal record. By obtaining a court order directing the police to remove all eligible events from your criminal history, and have the police and other agencies take the occurrences off your criminal history. If you have your record sealed, you are allowed to conduct yourself as if the arrest never occurred - if you're interested in sealing your record we can prepare the documents for you to file with the courts - our cost to prepare the necessary documents is $500. All other cost are incurred by you as follows:

Steps to begin:

Step 1: Obtain a Scope. The scope is your criminal record history with the arresting agency, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Henderson, North Las Vegas. If your scope indicates you are within the time table indicated below we can proceed forward - Scope provided by independent service $25, or pick up yourself $9.00

Step 2: Prepare the Stipulation, Petition an Order forms. We do not give legal advice. We review the Scope and we determine the statue of limitations on eligibility to seal. If eligible we prepare all documents in your name for you to file in pro per. If a case is not within the statue of limitations, your case CAN NOT be sealed. Instructions will be provided to you with the completed documents on procedure to follow and all mailings necessary once you receive your Order back from the court.

Step 3: File the prepared documentation with the correct jurisdiction. (Court Fees involved) Las Vegas Justice Court: $49.00 filing fee+ $3.00 per certified copy Las Vegas Municipal Court: $50.00 filing fee + $3.00 per certified copy North Las Vegas Municipal Court: $50.00 filing fee + $10.00 per certified copy *All Orders will be sent directly to you via email by the court clerk.

After court provides the certified filed stamped court Order, the order MUST be mailed to various government agencies to be recorded. In Step two - Self-addressed stamped envelopes will be provided for your convenience for mailing to all necessary government agencies.

THE FINAL FILED STAMP ORDER AND ENTIRE PROCESS can take as long as one year to complete

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